Branches of Silver EP - CD

Branches of Silver EP - CD


Released August 9, 2015

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  1. The Mortgage Burn/Swannanoa Gathering 2014/Ottawa Valley Fiddle Camp 2007/Serpent River
  2. For Emily/Pat and Al's/Burnt River
  3. Hide Me
  4. Metcalfe Fair/Fire on Clann Ratha/The Easy Club/Wissahickon Drive
  5. Don Ferguson's

Kyle Burghout: Fiddle
Emily Yarascavitch: Fiddle, Vocals, Step Dance
Anthony Vial: Piano

with James Stephens: 5-string Fiddle (track 5) 

Tracks 1,2,3,4 arranged by Kyle Burghout, Emily Yarascavitch, and Anthony Vial
Track 5 arranged by Kyle Burghout

Recorded at Stove Studios, Chelsea QC
Engineered & Mixed by James Stephens
Photos by Anthony Boxell (Box-L Photography), Edited by Lee Bodson
Design by John Gale